{Living Room} Progress

Pardon the crappy iPhone pic but that's what I have to work with right now..
Anyway, for those that know our house, you'll see a few things different. One is that we moved the big shelf unit (made by my dad when I was really young) from Lily's room to our living room. I wanted something else tall that would balance out the armoire that's sneaking in on the left side of this photo. The shelf is taller but narror and it helps a lot. It also frees up room in Lily's room. The stuff on the shelf isn't all permanent, but the bottom four shelves (two on each side) hold Lily's books and puzzles. You can see the purple bin that holds a lot of her little board books. I'll buy a nicer box some day but I'm working with what I have right now. I will say though that since we've moved all of the books into the living room, we have read a lot more. It's nice!
You can also see we started working on the gallery wall here. It starts with the large framed family piece (Doug's grandfather's item) and then we used what we had to fill in. It's not done but some have been hung since this photo.
I'm not fond of the green couch (there's also a loveseat and chair) but we definitely aren't going to replace any time soon. Maybe some day once these wear out. They're pretty comfy, although ugly, and I've even slept on these and it's nice.

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