{40 Before 40} Update

On Labor Day I celebrated my 30th birthday with close friends and family. My parents had just gotten back from their trip to Alaska (jealous!) and had the party the next day. Aren't they great?!? I got some great gifts too 'cause my family rocks like that!

Anywho, this isn't about the party (sorry, no pics taken), but of my 40 before 40. I've been seeing more of these types of lists (mainly 30 before 30). I hadn't seen many when I wrote my list almost 2 years ago. That was before Pinterest went crazy though, so maybe they were out there and not easily found. So as I read other's, I think of items I could have added to mine but I still like my original 40. Except the BBQ one... 'cause my husband is great at it and likes to do it, so why bother? I still may do it. Who knows, maybe I'll have an all girl party some day at my house. Or really want a grilled hot dog or hamburger when he's not around...

My original 40 can be seen here.

10 items are officially done with many more in progress. There are a lot that have yet to be touched and I'd like to work on them within the next 5 years. The biggest one I'd love to do (well, besides baby #2) as soon as possible would be to get back to working on my photography. Thankfully for me, my parents bought me a new computer for a graduation gift. Which brings up a good topic - school is over, so I should have more time to work on said computer. That's not always the case though as this summer showed. But that's ok. Lily, Doug, my family, and my work will come first compared to the items on the list. However, many items are similar (many art related) so I'd like to focus on those too.

Speaking of my art... I never know if it's "good enough" to put online. I see other work online and think "mine's the same (or better)" but then I never get around to taking care of business. That should be my resolution ... taking care of business! Getting photographs printed, making some art, putting them online, and slowly building up a part time business. I saw a coworker friend of mine do it and hers has taken off! I am so proud of her for going after her dream that I'd like to do that too.

I'd start now but grades are calling me... the life of a teacher!

But hey, 10 items done! 25% in less than 2 years is pretty good! 

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