{Family} 10 Years

10 years ago (a whole decade!), Doug and I were introduced by my then roommate, Rachel. I had broken up with my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years (a long time to survive high school, freshman year, and time away) and was kind of hanging out with another guy. She thought I needed someone new, someone better, in my life. She was working with Doug at the time.

Fast forward 10 years later and here we are - a whole life time away from where we started. A lot has happened in those 10 years...

Here are some of the big (happy) highlights:

We moved back to my hometown after I switched colleges.
We got married, May 2006.
Bought our first house in July 2007.

Move in day, July 2007 - I definitely need a new picture!

On a road trip to Colorado in 2007 (don't worry, we were both passengers)
Gave birth to Lily in May 2009.

Other things..
Jobs - We've both switched career paths. He started out in communications, I started in graphic arts. We've had various jobs over the years. He worked in radio and TV and a few random jobs too. I worked at the bakery (which I loved!) and a jewelry store, plus some randoms. We've seen our ups and downs through jobs and have hopefully (I think so) found our forever careers instead of just a job.
Family - it goes without saying that we've lost many family members. We've also gained a few - every one of Doug's cousins and sister have been married since we've been together and there are now 6 babies on his side, all under the age of 3 1/2. My family has seen a few weddings and only one baby (besides Lily). Let's hope the next decade sees more babies (and not just from me, but I'd like one more!).
Friends - as with anyone over a span of 10 years, we've lost and found new friends. My closest friends are those that have been in my life forever (I was 3 when I met two of them, 16 when I met one). Doug has seen many friends come and go through college and moves. It's sad, but a part of life. We have some new friends that we've both made through work and I've really gotten along well with two of my coworkers and enjoy my time with them. I look forward to becoming better friends with them and hopefully getting our families together as continue working together.
Pets - we adopted our first animal, Taz the cat, in April 2003 and that was soon followed by Rugby in 2004, Zoey in 2005, Marty and Freckles (frogs) in 2006, Rocky in 2009, and Beefy and Krypto in 2011. It also includes random other pets such as fish and two other frogs but I don't remember them all. We had my old cockatiel for awhile too but gave her to a friend of my mom's.

We definitely have plans for the future!
Another baby
More house renovations - complete kitchen gut job, bathroom gut job, bedroom renos, etc.
Trips (hopefully some overseas)
... and who knows what else?!

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  1. Newest follower here! I found you through the Friday link up! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!


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