Busy Weekend

Doug's parents came down Saturday to watch Lily Saturday night so we could go out with my family to the benefit concert put on by my brother's friends' group (in honor of my brother with all proceeds going to gastric cancer research through Jimmy V). Saturday afternoon we all went shopping (Doug's parents, me, Lily and Doug) and then came home so we could get ready.

Here's the group at dinner. We went to a local restaurant that was my Uncle's favorite. He passed away almost 2 years ago and they still keep his mug at the counter filled with all of his little trinkets.

Aunt K., Uncle C., Mom, Dad, me, Doug, Aunt S., Cousin S., Cousin L

And then we went to the concert. The first few groups/bands weren't really anything special, and we didn't know them, but these guys were some of my brother's best friends. They've been performing for years and even made a CD awhile back. The jerseys were my brother's and were given to them after he passed away. They put them on part way through the show. It was sweet. I also really like the guy's shirt in the back ground. He didn't know my brother but he showed that he still cared. The shirt says "Cancer can kiss my ass" What was even better was that the bar below this one heard that we were doing a benefit concert and gave some of their profits from the night to help reach the goal. I haven't heard what the final amount was but last year's concert raised $1400.

I'll post the Sunday's events later. It includes a trip to the park, a view of the Missouri River, the Pumpkin Patch and lots of Lily! If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you've seen most of them.

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