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I've mentioned that we're super busy during the week but now we're picking up on the weekends too! This weekend had two events at the same time but luckily (kinda), one got cancelled due to the weather. So now it's dinner with the family! Next weekend is the benefit concert for my brother. The weekend after that has two events again. And the theme continues right into November where of course everyone seems to get busy. And then there's Christmas right around the corner. WHAT?! I haven't even started THINKING about it, let alone buying anything.
Yesterday after picking up Lily, Lily asked "We stay home?" Wednesday and Thursday both saw busy afternoons that weren't really planned and so she was looking forward to some down time. I think all kids (and adults) need that. We didn't do anything special last night together either. Doug was gone to a football game for his school and so Lily and I got some pizza and she asked for a "Banana, strawberries and raspberries" for her dinner. We then watched some of her Minnie Mouse DVD and played together. She's all about hiding under her blankets so now with the bigger ones we bought, we can both do it a lot easier than those baby blankets.

Instagram photo - Lily's first (ever!) ring pop.
 I love that photo! For the longest time, Lily never had candy. It was her second Halloween, when she was almost 1 1/2 when she had her first sucker. We still try to limit the candy but she does get some suckers now. However, this was a new experience. She loved it! We went to a volleyball game on Thursday at my school and she loved to see my students. They loved her too and even asked about her on Friday. I just love this photo (with a slight filter) that really pops the blue of her tongue and eyes.

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