{Family} Support for Cancer Research

I haven't mentioned much on my blog about my brother's passing. He was a private guy and didn't want people to know about the cancer so I never wrote about it when he was here. I haven't mentioned much since then either as a way to respect his wishes.

2009 - jumping off our cliff at our favorite lake, he was always the first to jump in to "test" for me and our cousins

Needless to say, we all miss him every much. He was a great brother, son and uncle to Lily.
2009 - pass the cranky 2 month old Lily, he was so in love with her

His friends are having a benefit concert in our home town and I hope that you all can help us raise some money. Yes, many of you aren't around here but here's a link to the donation site if you feel like donating. I know it's a lot to ask, don't feel pressured, but it's for a great cause and foundation - The Jimmie V Foundation.

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