{Alabama} Road Trip

My parents, Doug, Lily and myself drove to Gulf Shores, Alabama the day after Christmas. We broke it up into two days because it's about 14 hours away and there was no way we'd do that with a toddler in the car in one day only. Lily did remarkable through the entire trip there and back and only had one issue when it came to being in the car - a mix of not eating a good breakfast, too much grape juice and banana paired with a crazy, curvy, hilly road. Yep, she threw up. But after getting cleaned up she was good to go.

We stopped in Cape Girardeau, MO for the night, saw Memphis quickly in the morning and headed to Jackson, Mississippi and ate dinner in Hattiesburg at a great restaurant. The next morning we woke up a cold but beautiful sunrise on the beach.

We stayed in a little resort area in a beach home similar to the yellow one on the right. Ours looked different and was more duplex like (two units, one building) but it was up on stilts and we were able to use the pool you see (except it was freezing) and the hot tub (which was nice). The beach you see above is where we found lots of good shells and saw some beautiful sunrises and one great sunset. I have lots of pictures on my other computer from my big camera - these are all from my phone that I've uploaded to Facebook while I was away. I'll do more in depth posts once I edit some photos and group them together to cover what we did.

We went on a dolphin cruise (where we saw a few), toured the USS Alabama ship and the USS Drum (a sub), and toured Fort Morgan. We also drove around Mobile to see some gorgeous houses and ate at local restaurants that were all delicious. We spent NYE in Nashville at a local brew pub then came back home. When we arrived home, our house was freezing because our wall unit for our heater was broken and not communicating with our heater (or something like that). We're back to having heat, the dogs are happy we're home (we have a house/dog sitter family that comes to check up on everyone) and we start back to work/school tomorrow. I'm not ready but it's just 2 days 'til the weekend when we can start cleaning up the house, put away Christmas, clean, and finish laundry.

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