{InstaFriday} Lots of Lily and Pets

So some of these hadn't made it to Instagram yet, but I worked on them this past week, so here they are....And this is for LifeRearranged's blog hop on Fridays.
I bought this kitchen rug from Target for Lily's kitchen area. It matches the teal of her kitchen perfectly and has some colors that are just fun and also elsewhere in our kitchen (the avocado green and black).

However cute the rug is, it was going to need a backing. Instead of buying one, I figured I'd try one out with hot glue. I squeezed and squeezed, using about 4 small hot glue sticks. All I can say is that I prefer my larger glue gun for projects but it was at work.

Hanging out at my parents' house, Lily enjoyed the inside of the dog crate (with a sheet on top to make a fort) and Papa had to come in too. She's all about Papa!

My parents' new dog, Kacy.

Our dog, Krypto.

My girl, Zoey, looking old with the gray hair. She's 8 but still full of attitude, love and sweetness.

Lily's big girl bed in my old tshirt (the red one).

Blurry but cute. Someone was all about painting in her jammies.

The removal of the ugly chandelier would have been done a lot quicker had the new lamp we bought actually worked. We're taking it back to Lowe's to see if we can replace it. Below shows the old chandelier and the round medallion I need to paint.

Lily playing with her Melissa and Doug sticker book. That's her, by the way... she thinks anyone with blonde hair is her.

Taz, finding a high enough spot to get away from Krypto, who has been picking on Taz more and more lately.

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  1. The colors on that rug look so cheerful! Did all of that hot glue on the back work? I've heard of using silicone but not hot glue.

    And that last shot is so sweet. Personal portraits are the best.


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