{Lily's Big Girl Room} The Plan

We just finished moving Lily into our extra twin bed that we had from Doug's grandfather and it's making me lust for her *real* big girl room... You know the one - the one that'll involve two new windows, insulation, everything.. after we tear down what's currently in the room. So, for those (if anyone) who read the blog and can't see inside my head, check out the following images. They are all from my Pinterest account, under Lily's Big Girl Room and links can be found there.

Board and batten. I want it high enough to be above the head board of her bed and to include a small picture ledge like below. I figured a girl would love to be able to post photos and knick knacks as she grows up.
I love this idea. She's not huge into Barbies, but she's only 3. This would be a great gift idea for my dad to build and can be turned into a book shelf later on.
Every girl needs a pretty chair, right?! I would love to be able to find a brightly colored chair and fun ottoman for her room. This will wait until the big pieces of furniture (which we already own) are all in place to see what can fit. 
Beautiful colors. I really want the hibiscus color as her wall color, above the white board and batten. The rest can be added in small doses, but we'll see. 
This may be a little much, but I would love to do a fun photo wall in her room. I also love the simplistic version of all white, but this may be more Lily like. A few fun quotes, random photos, small mirrors, and other decorations would all look great (and help break up the bright pink I am visualizing).
Definitely a girl, fun touch but I think I'd just stick with the light switch and not the outlet covers. Many of the outlet covers wouldn't be seen but the light switch would be.
Just a fun way to display books.
Her room is in need of organization and I hope I can keep it up until she can do it herself. These would be a great addition, especially if I could find the same look of these but in a plastic. 
The bright pink I want above the board and batten. See how nice it looks with bright white? 

I haven't found the perfect bedding but she has multi colored polka dots on her bed right now and I like it. I may keep something simple for it all and let the rest of her room be the focal point. And, I'm sure she'll have some input into her bedding as she continues to grow.

And, as always, Blogger on my laptop will not let me resize more than one photo. So, I'll try to fix this some time soon.

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