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We've received 27" of snow in two rounds. It still is snowing, slightly, and supposed to continue for awhile but most of it all came down last Thursday and this past Tuesday. We've been off of work for 5 days now (Thursday and Friday of last week, Tuesday - Thursday this week). Needless to say, I am sick of snow! 

This is our back yard from my upstairs window (you can see the screen's pattern). Our concrete patio is there somewhere, along with our storage boxes and furniture and Lily's play yard. Oh, and a few random large branches that appear as trees. 

Outside on our back porch. It's not supposed to be there. 

The elm tree in our back yard that looses limbs all the time. You can see some broken ones in the center. 

More broken ones. 

Our garage with a tree limb that fell from our neighbor's tree.

The damaged tree in our neighbor's backyard.

That piece of board you see is supposed to be attached to our house. It holds our electrical wires. That limb fell and is balancing between the electrical wires and our neighbor's RV.

Pure destruction.

Outside shots of the damage....

And some cuteness... Lily walking through the snow. 

We have been extremely lucky because we never lost power. Many of the people in my town did as well as my parents and their neighbors. They lost it for over 24 hours and without their power, they lost access to water from their well. My parents also lost their land line service and their cell phones hardly work out in there in the middle of no where. Luckily their electricity came back on last night and their phone today. They have wood heat too, so that's what they've been using to warm up with and to help cook food. 

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