{InstaFriday} Week 5

The week of January 17-23 was crazy. We had Monday off of school. We went to school on Tuesday (we're both teachers so I always say we go to school instead of work for some reason). Wednesday we both took off because Tuesday night was our Boyz II Men concert, and then Thursday and Friday ended up being snow days.

Here's a shot of the three Boyz (one left the group a few years back). They were great in concert and will be in Vegas for awhile... sounds like a fun trip to me!
I found this recipe on Pinterest (where else?) and had to try it. Potatoes - check, sausage - check, and cheese - check! What's not to like?!?! The only problem was I made it during the snow days and we had no Velveeta. I know that stuff is gross anyway to eat (well... for ya, it tastes good!). So I ended up making it with cream cheese and some other cheeses. It was delicious!
Here's another snow day pic... Lily was upstairs with me as I cleaned up our bedroom and she decided that some of my old paintings were great to hide under. Don't you like the hand sticking out?
And the snow pictures (I'll do a separate post too about all the snow and damage we've had)....

This is Lily's "Princess Look" according to her...
The beginning of the snow... that was the start of round 1...
Rocky enjoying the sun in Lily's room.
Zoey being lazy on the couch.
Zoey in the snow (round 1).
Another dinner... flank steak, roasted red potatoes, lima beans, and garlic bread. Delicious!
Miss Lily watching her computer (Leap Pad) on the way home from a visit with my parents.

And Krypto...

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