{Family} Baby #2

It's official! We are pregnant with baby #2! I have an ultrasound Monday morning but am only 13 weeks so I doubt we can tell the gender. Not that it really matters, but a boy would be awesome. Or a cute little strawberry blonde girly.

Things I know:
I'm already showing. The joy of the second baby. :)
All is well. Size is good and heart beat is too.
I'm due November 1st.
I'm going to pick out a pretty navy blue for the walls and balance its darkness with white board and batten. We will reuse our furniture my parents bought for Lily, which is dark wood.
If it's a girl, I'll add in pinks and fun prints in a rug and curtains. If it's a boy, more blues and greens. Target has already been checked out for new things and they have gotten a lot of new, cute things since Lily was around. Chevron sheets? Yes please!
We are already toying with names. Not sharing them yet though. Nothing is set in stone anyway.
I found out when I was barely 5 weeks. I've been timing this baby and my cycle for awhile.
We kept it quiet for a long time for fear of a miscarriage.
This will be baby #2 on my side, #4 on Doug's side. His sister is pregnant with her #2.
Lily is super excited, however, she thinks we are having twins (which we are not) and talks about the babies.
We have the majority of things already since we kept everything from Lily. Crib, changing table/dresser, toys, car seat, stroller, etc. I have looked at a new stroller, called the Sit N Stand that provides a spot for Lily too.
We are remodeling two rooms before I'm due. It wouldn't be a pregnancy without major remodeling going on. One will be Lily's big girl room (in bright pink with white board and batten) and then Lily's current room will be the baby's room.
I will be taking some time off in the middle of my semester so I will be working on sub plans this summer. Fun times!
Thankfully our AC is not broken this time around because I have a feeling that my big belly and heat won't be friends. I'll try to be nice though.
I am sooooo happy about this. We have been trying for months.


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