{Lily's Garden} Rocks

We have a giant mess on our hands that we started dealing with last weekend... it's a giant path of ugly rocks that goes from our sidewalk to our driveway. It's right in front of Lily's Garden and in the way of a prettier entrance and part of where we want the arbor and fence to go. Needless to say, it's time to make it go away! So, with the nice weather last weekend, we started. Four (or was it five?!) trips to the back yard (to fill up the mud pit) we called it a day to deal with Lily, dinner, bath time, and everything else. It'll at least be 15-20 more buckets full to remove it all. There is a lining (shown in the pic below) underneath it all if that makes any difference but it's been punctured so weeds and dirt are all included already.

Eventually we will have a newly paved sidewalk to the front of our house and to our driveway (plus at least part of our driveway repaved to fix all the nasty cracks) and that'll make it look so much better! Last year our city did an improvement program and helped pay 90% of the costs for a new sidewalk but we were too late to get it in the fall. I need to see if they are going to do it again and sign up ASAP if they are!

The front of Lily's garden. There will be a fence (made out of wood supports and metal panels for plants to grow up on) and our arbor that we bought last year that will be centered on the big bed in front. More plants will be added, grass will be gone completely, and pea gravel and mulch will be added (plus some stepping stones of some sort). It'll look great once it's all done and grown in. Oh, and I also want to add a trellis of some kind on the bump out on the house (which is our fireplace wall). Doesn't it just call for something?

Our helper, she insists on doing as much as she physically can.

And then it was time to ride her tricycle and clean it too....

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