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A couple of years ago my aunt gave us some peach irises. They are in full bloom now and are almost to the point of needing dividing. That's ok though, there's a plan of an all iris bed along the south side of our house (it's a small patch of grass between our house and our neighbor's driveway). Our purple irises are thriving there. 

Anyway, here are the peach ones after the rain on Sunday. 

And this little purple plant that isn't so little anymore... it was a $1 clearance by from Lowe's last year. I picked it because I love purple, it was a perennial, and because the plant was still in shape. It's obviously doing well! 

This one, below, is a new addition to our flower bed out front of our house. I had originally thought of doing all white flowers but found myself attracted to pinks and purples too. So, this one, and a few others, came home with me from Lowe's. I have this one in white too and they add some much needed height to the front bed. I'm hoping the butterflies will enjoy it too! I know the bees are super happy about all my flowers. 

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  1. Aww, how cute is little Lily? And those flowers?! So beautiful!



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