{Lily} Family Party

On Memorial Day, we had Lily's family party. Doug's parents could come so we celebrated with them on Sunday. Most of the rest of the family came to celebrate with us yesterday though and we had a nice turn out. As a family, we used to celebrate Memorial Day with a BBQ and we've continued that with everyone bringing a side and we grill hot dogs, brats, and so on. Doug also smoked a set of ribs and a chicken, as he is now known as the king of smoking (meat, not the nasty cigs). 

We had LOTS of food and of course this little crazy girl was the life of the party... 

Why, yes, those are windows behind her. They are for her big girl remodel that will be starting soon (updates to come, of course!).

Below is one of the best pics of me and Miss Lily. My friend Margaret took one with her phone that's a little better (Lily is smiling and showing teeth in it) but I still love this one. They are both great and worth framing! 

Before dinner, Lily asked if she could open presents. I told her that after dinner, she could. Well, once the food was all ready, she was almost forcing people to eat. She's a smart one! She also dressed herself... pink strawberry dress and her pink (faux) fur. 

Getting help from Auntie Mary. 

Lily told me she wanted pink, strawberry cake so I made it. She didn't eat any of it. She's not huge into anything non-chocolate, even though she did request it. She's huge into Tinkerbell and Princesses (what four year old girl isn't!?) and so the flower matched one on the packaging. The other cake was a simple round strawberry cake. It's a good thing I made two batches because it was delicious and we sent some home to family who couldn't make it yesterday. 

We also ordered cupcakes but no one ate them. I thought Lily might but she just wanted the rings. 

She got a little shy when everyone was singing Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to my big girl! I can't believe she's 4. This time next year we will have a 5 year old and roughly 7 month old. Wowzers! 

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