Grandma and Grandpa Visit

On Sunday, Doug's parents, his sister and his sister's son came to visit Lily for her birthday. She received three new Princess dolls and she loved them all. One of them uses ice to change her hair from blonde to pink, one sings, and there's another one too. 

After the presents (and the rain stopped), Lily had to show off her mad bike skills to her grandparents and got to boss them around ("Grandma, watch me! Come here, Grandma!"). Luckily we also had her tricycle for Will to ride. Ignore the random girl on the big bike, she's our neighbor's daughter (granddaughter? I don't know). 

After the rain started back up (the story of our lives right now), we came back inside. Both kids hadn't had a nap and they were starting to zone out. Lily got her computer out and started watching a movie. Will wanted to see what it was all about and Lily was too zoned out to really do much. The following pics show Will's attempt to watch with Lily. No words were said during this interaction but both were starting to get super sleepy. 

And this is the best we have of the two together... they aren't easy to pair up for pics like when they were younger. 

Will and Lily are three months apart and their soon to be little siblings will also be about three months apart. Will is getting a little sister, Lily is getting a little brother. It'll be a fun time at Christmas!! 

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