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The Nester is having a Simplify "party" over on her blog. I can't say I've completely jumped on the bandwagon only because I don't want to hide my stuff in another part of the house....I want to get rid of it!!!

The below pictures are of my office aka a dumping ground for everything. I'm on a mission to do three things in my house. Declutter, Simplify, Organize. If I can't find an object a home, I decide if I need to (and then do it) or decide to give it away.

I have donated hundreds of clothes (it's seriously crazy what we hold on to), household items and so much more. I'm on a mission to find more to get rid of. As I go through our rooms, I look at all the accessories. Do I really need the frog salt n pepper shakers that I've never used in over 7 years? No! Do I need all the napkin rings, lace sheets, or snowflake bowls that just take up valuable storage space? No, of course not. Soooo... It's continuing room by room.

The big thing is now that we know baby #2 is a boy, I can get rid of all things Baby Girl that we kept. 4 years of Lily's clothes we kept just in case we had another girl. I haven't gone through the toys but will soon.

I definitely like the idea of The Nester's simplify plan, especially for those with lots of accessories. I've stopped buying a lot of random things and go for simple accessories that can stay up year round. When it comes to dishes and other things, I go with white, clear (glass) and silver or mercury glass. It's kept me from buying cute, seasonal items and random stuff along the way.

EDITED... forgot to mention about the photos above. My office is the dumping ground for pretty much everything now a days. It's the whole "finding a home" process and all paperwork and arts and crafts stuff ends up in my office. Plus, there's all the family photos that aren't in albums, keepsakes for Lily and so on. So... it ends up looking like the above photos. I have since organized some of the supplies into the tall cabinet on the right side of the armoire. There's a door that belongs on there, that I have, but it wasn't going to fit with the stuff that was just shoved in there. Now it can. My dad offered to build shelves for it but I'm honestly not sure how much stuff will stay, what I want the shelves to be like, and so on, so for now I have some plastic drawers stacked on top of each other. The bottom picture shows all my paint supplies and a random box (on the right) of paper. It's going to school but the paint got put into bigger containers so I have all the acrylic in one and the oil paint in another. Leftovers from when I went to art school. The oils haven't been used in over 7 years, the acrylics get used at least a few times a year. 

As for the rest of my office, I am going to have my dad build some shelves along one wall for storage of bigger items and books. It'll house the boxes of keepsake paperwork for the kiddos, photo albums (that don't live downstairs in our living room) and loose photos in boxes. Our trip to IKEA last fall found us preparing for this day with lots of storage so it'll be nice to actually put it all to use! 

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