{Lily Lately} Shooting

This past Saturday, Doug wanted to go run some errands and so we went to Menard's (where I'm pretty sure I'll end up buying the fence for Lily's Garden...more to come!) and while there, we drove over to Bass Pro because we wanted to show Lily the big fish. As we were pulling into their parking lot, I had told Doug that we should pick up a schedule of events because the last time I was near there, there was kid stuff going on. Well, lucky us, it was going on then too! 

Lily was able to go fishing (and caught two!), practice with a bow and arrow (suction cup on the end, not a real arrow), and shoot a BB gun, plus do some crafts. She wasn't a fan of the BB gun, even though it was pink. Daddy Doug was a pretty good shot though, even for his non-dominant arm doing the shooting. I think she may like the bow and arrow though, mainly because it's not as noisy as the gun but I'm not sure. She LOVED fishing though! That'll be a repeat event and she already has a pink (Barbie I think) fishing pole. 

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