{Dining Room} Area Rug

Isn't she lovely?! We had a rug we bought for our living room when we first moved in, almost 6 years ago, and it was moved to the dining room a year or so ago. Well, between a cat that has stomach issues (I think hairball issues but we're not sure because it's 99% NOT hairballs that come up) and a chihuahua (that has since found a new home) with pee and poop issues (although house trained), the rug had seen better days. It had SMELLED better days. And although we vacuumed it, shampooed it, washed it, sprayed it, everything, it still felt nasty when walked on barefoot and smelled bad too every once in awhile. One corner was really bad. 

Enter Joss and Main. I had never bought anything from their site before but had been a member for a long time. So after searching other places and finding a style I liked, I went over to Joss and Main and found this beauty. Luckily I measured before buying because I would have bought the bigger one and not needed it. This one fit perfectly in between our china cabinet and our liquor cabinet and is the perfect size for our table. Even when we put the leaf in our table, it'll all fit on the rug. It's navy and slightly cream/white and it matches the cushions on our chairs perfectly. The dining room's ceiling is a pale blue and so our the curtains. It's definitely helped finish off the room (possibly the most finished room in the house even though that wasn't planned!) and helped make it more modern and up to date. 

I will say that it's not as plush as our old rug but I think if/when we buy a pad for it, it'll be ok. Plus since it's in our dining room, it's not like we're playing on it with Lily and the future Little Man. 

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