{Lily's Garden} June 2013

After some watering this morning (my hanging planter is a dying mess), I decided to take some photos. These are all with my iphone, so maybe some day I'll do some with my nice camera once the lilies bloom. 

This is the shade corner. The fence backs up to our backyard and the trellis that Doug installed is for my climbing hydrangea (that's hard to see from this angle). The black/silver thing is a bird bath I may refashion to a succulent container. The birds never liked it last year, I think it may be too deep.

Here's another angle of the same corner. Don't mind the weeds... or should I say tiny trees? And that basket of yarn is a project I saw on Pinterest and being an art teacher who does a weaving project, I made the kids save all the scraps. I don't know if the birds have used any of it or not but there are a lot of birds in the area. 

The hydrangea my grandmother bought for us with Lily was born. It's now 4 years old and doing great!  It even made a baby. 

The climbing hydrangea and the trellis. It's definitely got a lot of growth ahead of it but I hope it'll cover the whole trellis some day! 

My oak leaf hydrangea. 

The middle bed - right in front of our dining room windows. 

The front bed...

The view from the front of the garden (closest to the street). There's a lot of work still to do that'll get done this summer (hopefully!) but it's come a long way from all grass and no plants just a few years ago.

That dog house (the green thing by our garage) needs to go in our backyard but it's about 400 lbs and will take at least 4 people to move it. We forgot to have the family do it at Lily's party but are looking for helpers if anyone wants to move it! 

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  1. Pretty! Thanks for leaving me a link to check it out! I agree, it's so amazing to watch everything come alive!!


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