{Lily's Big Girl Room} Before Details

As mentioned previously, we are remodeling our front bedroom to become Lily's big girl room. For those confused with the term "front bedroom" it's simply the bedroom at the front of our house. The second, or middle, room is her current room and the third, or back, bedroom is our TV room. Here's what it used to look like...

Brown paint (with texture and glitter... yes, that's the glitter's reflection and sparkle making all those white dots), pink trim (baseboards, door and window frames, doors), wallpaper, and a "chair rail" that was wallpapered as well.

Detail of the wallpaper

Detail of the chair rail and wallpaper
 And this is what I found under the above wallpaper... MORE wallpaper. There's another layer under this too. I didn't peal all the wallpaper off because my dad is covering it all up with 2x4's and insulation.

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