{Lily's Big Girl Room} The Details

After reading through some of the other posts about Lily's Big Girl Room Remodel (yes, that should be in all caps as this is a big event!), I realized I'm leaving out some details.

One - the room is the front bedroom in our house. It's the South East corner of our house for those interested. It's off the teal hallway.

Two - there are two windows in it and used to have an exterior door as well. That was blocked up before we bought the house but done so poorly, so this remodel will help fix that.

Three - yes, we're making the room smaller. This will benefit all of us as we are using the old closet for additional space in a future bathroom makeover (the share a wall and it's much needed!). She is getting a new closet, just two feet out of from the existing one. It'll all be fine.

Four - she has two closets in her room. The new one will be for clothes, shoes, and additional storage. The older existing one (original to our house), will be used for games and toys. We used it for everything through the 6 years we've lived here but it'll be a nice place to hold all of the board games and toys for both kids.

Five - the plan is here. She will have bright pink walls, board and batten (at 4.5 feet in height, more details to come), white trim, wood furniture (that we already own) and fun details that are still to come.

Six - here's the reason we're doing this... Our house is pushing 90+ years. It's all brick and the walls are two layers of brick with a small spacing between (one being the exterior, one inside). The inside layer of brick is covered in plaster (and obviously that was covered in a ton of wallpaper). There is no insulation like modern homes. The windows are also old and one has a crack in it. So in creating this remodel, she is not only getting insulation, she's getting two new windows and the door hole (mentioned in #2) will be properly fixed up as well. It'll be a nice, warm (or cool, depending on the weather) room.

Seven - we are looking into security systems because that's just the safe thing to do now that her windows will be easily opened and one goes to our front porch. For the time being, we have two overly protective parents (and 4 grandparents), a few guns with ammo, and a 100 lb dog that loves Lily and will do anything to protect her. So, strangers who are reading this, you've been warned. :)

Eight - maybe the most important one - my dad, who I've mentioned a lot on this blog - is an experienced carpenter. He started working in carpentry before I was born and spent the majority of his working life teaching construction technology at a local school. Now that he's retired from that job, he is back in full time construction. He took time off of other jobs to fit us in his schedule. He's the best!!! He now works with my cousin, Pat, who helps him and is learning the trade.

I think that covers it.

Oh, and her current room will be remodeled too for her baby brother (more details to come but you can see the plan here).

And for those that are really curious... this is a simplified version of what we did upstairs during that remodel. Being the "attic" of the house and how it had basically no insulation, we hired out professionals to install spray foam insulation (it's like that stuff in a can but on a giant version). It was sprayed in our four attic areas and all along the joists and some walls. Windows were also added there as well. You can see the whole process here.

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