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This past Tuesday saw the start of Lily's Big Girl Room Remodel as my dad and his helper (my cousin Pat) started it. Doug and I had already taken down the ceiling fan (which will be reused) and removed the drop ceiling and the almost 1000 staples, not to mention cleaning it out which was a struggle because we used it to store pretty much everything.

So... my dad and Pat came over and started ripping things out. The removed all of the window trim, door casings, and baseboards. You can read about the details of everything here and see the plan of how it'll look here.

By the end of the day, the room had new windows!

This is the South facing window (it'll look out on our neighbor's house and their driveway so something pretty in front of it - a free standing trellis or something - may be necessary. Curtains for sure though. 

What happens when you take out the old windows... lots of junk.

Side view. Sorry it's hard to know what you're seeing, but you're looking at the wall where the window side was placed (and of course, more wallpaper).

Our front porch and the opening from the window. The maroon-ish plank of a wall (on the right) once was a door opening but is closed up now. I mentioned this in with the details post.

My dad removing the weights that were a part of the old windows.

Sorry I don't have a post of the window for the porch side. They use it to move things in and out of but will take one when it's all done. The porch swing will be back up in front of it so I'll get a photo of it before we hang that baby back up.

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