{Lily Lately} Pictures at the Park

We are blessed with a local flower garden park that is a beautiful back drop from photos. I have taken Lily there every year for her birthday and although this one is almost 2 months late, we finally got some done. I say some because the little girl had some tummy issues and had to cut the visit short. 

The "4" shirt is made by her grandmother every year. It's been a simple white shirt with a pink number with white polka dots. I don't know how much longer Lily will let me do this but this year we jazzed it up a bit with her bright pink, glittery skirt and her shiny cowgirl boots. The past three years were all with a form of jeans. This shows her personality more, so I like it. 

I LOVE the photo above. And yes, the pink scar on her head is still here (fading every day though) from her accident at daycare. 

Here are some pictures from the previous years: 
2010 - 1 year old and showing her mad walking skills. Just too cute not to pass up a photo of her from behind. 

2010 - Big, beautiful eyes. 

2011 - All about the odd facial expressions.

2011 - running away from momma

2012 - one of my all time favorite photos of her

2012 - running away again, this time with some speed

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