{Lily's Big Girl Room} Paint, Step 2

Blue! I'll be honest, it's a little more blue than I wanted. I wanted more aqua but I do love this bright blue. It matches some of the stuff we already own (for her room) and looks great with the teal hallway. I can't wait to decorate and move her in. I think it'll look really nice with both the teal hallway and the darker (more navy) blue for her brother's room. All three rooms are close together so it's nice that they go together. The bathroom will also eventually get a makeover and that might go some fun shade in the blue/teal/green family too. Who knows! 

Anyway... here it is after the ceiling was painted white and the walls the pretty blue. This photo actually makes the ceiling look slanted, but it's not. We have enough of that going on upstairs. 

Here's the big closet. This will be for all of her clothes. 

And the first round of trim.... Isn't it looking great? The original window trim had more detail but we're doing a special window covering that will stick out from the window (more of that to come later) and so the valence box my dad plans on making will possibly have some more detail on it, instead of the actual window. I promise that'll make more sense. And I'm sorry for the photo being dark. 

Here's the start of the trim on the big closet. The doors will be mirrors (I know a lot of people hate them but I think a certain 4 year old will LOVE them, not to mention they will make the room look larger).

The beginning of the board and batten. There's a fun edge that we've already told Lily will be good for some of her smaller collections (like Squinkies). I think it'll be great because it'll keep mouth size toys out of reach of Little Man once he becomes mobile. 


  1. What a fun color for a little girl's room! And I love the moulding you put up!

  2. I love the color. I painted the second upstairs bedroom in my current house a very similar color. It turned out much brighter than I expected! But it's really pretty.


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