{Lily's Big Girl Room} Drywall

We're finally up to date (well, minus the mud and tape my dad's put up). Sorry about the slack in posts, I've been a bit busy. 

So... my dad, my cousin Pat (who works for my dad) and Doug, they installed the insulation on the ceiling pretty quick. They are 9' foot ceilings, so a little higher than some but nothing crazy high like some of my parents' ceilings. It seemed to go fairly quickly. I can say this because I was no where near this step or any of the drywall (ok, or construction) parts of the job. The perk of being pregnant and definitely not strong enough to hold up a giant sheet of drywall.

But anyway, they were able to use the wood strips that previously held the drop ceiling tiles (remember those?!) to screw the drywall into. My dad had already moved the junction box for the ceiling fan before the drywall step. He had to do a few minor electrical things in this room that I didn't really take photos of.

This is Lily's new closet, looking in from the side. The yellow wire will be for a light so we can see all of her clothes. I have high hopes for this closet and organization. My dad and I have a plan! 

This wall, although probably hard to figure out from this angle, is where her old closet was (on the right) and her new closet will be (left). That's why the right side lacks new drywall. We will deal with that when the bathroom remodel takes place. HOPEFULLY soon, but I don't know. It's all about the money you know.

And ta da, here's the room almost done. I say almost because if you looked behind the ladder and leaning pieces of drywall, you'd see a 12" gap where the drywall needs to be installed. Talk about a long process for a small piece. That took them longer (I think) than the rest of it because of all the individual cuts. PLUS, we have an old house and the floors aren't perfectly level so that made some cuts a little more tedious than "hey, just cut 12" of drywall x feet long." Our house isn't easy like that.

OK, so like I said, my dad is working on the tape and mud part. Next week will come the sanding part and finishing up any minor details that I can't think of right now. THEN it'll be time to do the board and batten and paint. I am so excited and Lily has already started to ask "when will it be done?!" We show her the progress every day but it's hard to grasp when you're 4 for how much longer. And honestly, it's sometimes hard for me to think about too and I'm 30.

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