{Lily's Big Girl Room} Insulation

As I type, my dad is working some more on the drywall for Lily's Big Girl Room. It's so exciting!

But, let's play catch up... the last post about her room showed it pretty empty and ready for so much more. We've already added the two new windows (one shown below)...

Framed up the walls.... 

And added her new closet. The larger of the two existing closets will be used for additional space in our future bathroom remodel (when we completely gut that baby!), so we had to make her a new closet.

And since all of that, insulation has been added. They first put up the pink, fiberglass insulation sold at most home improvement stores. The space shown below (that was a second front door had been sealed up previous to us buying the house) received three layers of the pink insulation. The two exterior walls then received a layer of foam insulation on top of the pink insulation for additional help keeping the old brick walls insulated (we like our insulation in this house, can't you tell?!). On top of all that, we then added the drywall. 

So here's the insulation.... (sorry for the iPhone pictures, I somehow forgot to take photos of this step with my nice camera. 

So, here's the pink fiberglass installed....

And on top of the pink fiberglass, we installed the foam board insulation. This helped sealed any possible leaks between the pink insulation and the 2x4's and also added a good 1/2 inch or so of additional insulation to increase our R value. 

Drywall is up next!

You can read more about the steps for the windows here, the 2x4" walls here, and the detailed plans for the room here. And to see my vision on the space (and Miss Lily's too), you can check out the plans here. To know what it looked like previously, check out the before post.

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