{The Deck} Let There Be Wood!

After Doug removed the stairs (and all the remaining concrete) and the holes were dug and filled with concrete, the guys started working on the supports. You can see I missed a step or two or three, so it's a good thing this isn't a DIY step by step blog. However, you can make sure everything is level and straight as can be, even dealing with the slanted angle of the concrete (leading away from the house, luckily). So once the vertical supports were up and supported, they worked on the horizontal beams.  Then they added more joists and made sure this deck would be strong! 

Here's the shot towards our ugly back door. We haven't talked about replacing it but I see a makeover with some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint in the future... maybe. I'll keep ya updated. 

Here's the corner by the fence (that is in Lily's Garden, the trellis is on the other side). We will most likely have to add something on top of the fence to keep dogs and cats from falling over. My dog, Zoey, has an issue with jumping and I'd really hate for her to try just to then realize it's 6 feet to the ground. I like her too much for that to happen. It'll also be, most likely, where Doug's grill will end up. 

Barefoot, pregnant and standing on beams. Just a normal day at the house. 

Vinyl pieces to help fix our vinyl siding. Some had to be removed and dealt with to correctly keep the water out of the house and porch area.

Looking out from the back screened in porch, towards the garage. There's maybe 7-8 feet between the edge of the deck and the garage. The overgrown area on the top left will be dealt with this fall or next Spring as there is a little flower bed area. It's a hot mess right now, so we'll see what happens to it later on.

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