{Lily's Garden} Late June and Early July 2013

It's amazing what a month can do to a flower garden! June has already come and gone (fast, don't you think?!) and so here are some of the flowers currently in bloom. I just love the day lilies and other shapes that I'm slowly adding to the long list of plants.

Daylily, after one of the petals broke off. The color on this one is gorgeous! 

Typical daylilies have 6 petals (three on top, three on bottom). This is the second lily (the other was an Asiatic) that has 8 petals. 

One of my hens and chicks decided to bloom. It's only happened one other time since I've started growing flowers and it was at our old house, maybe 7 years ago and only after two goldfish died and were planted underneath the hens and chicks (they were too big to flush). 

A sedum and some marbles. Lily loves to play with the marbles and they area they're in holds some water for the local wildlife.

The flower bed in front of the dining room's windows. There are 3-4 day lilies and 4-6 Asiatic lilies, plus the sedum. 

One of Lily's picks for the summer. 

A new plant for us, it really took off in June! 

One of the new coneflower's in the new bed. The bees love it! 

Blanket flower, another favorite of the bees (and flies too).
A shot of the lavender I transplanted, along with the fence and random other plants. 

It's nearly impossible to get the whole garden but I tried. The shadow is part me, part utility pole. 

Loving the ruffles! 

The two year old hydrangea in a beautiful pink.

The giant daylily and our shade garden (getting its morning sun). There's the pink hydrangea, the white hydrangea (given to us when I delivered Lily), an oak leaf hydrangea (behind the rock, that thing will get big!), and a climbing hydrangea that's behind the oak leaf, plus some hostas.

Rooted In Thyme

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