{Baby Boy} Nursery

Last weekend we finished enough of the painting (all but the door) of our Little Man's nursery. As you may know, it used to be Lily's room before we switched her to our former junk room (that once was our bedroom during the upstairs remodel and had sat unused for a long time). This room still needs love and attention, not to mention proper photos, but it is looking nice!

I still need to hang curtains (but we have them), add the rug, move in the changing table/dresser (it's a giant beast), add artwork, possibly move in one of our shelving units or get something else and I'd love a brown leather chair. We have a rocker but its not that comfy. 

The crib is installed and ready, we ordered and received our new double stroller (room for Lily too), and have washed and put away all the clothes I've been buying/hoarding for him. Lily is excited and so are we! 

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  1. Great paint colour choice! I bet a brown leather chair would look amazing with it... good call on the need for a comfy chair:) Enjoy finishing it all off!! It is so fun nesting before a new baby arrives....


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