{40 Before 40} Update

I haven't updated my 40 Before 40 in a long time!

4 {get pregnant and have a baby} is about to happen... 11 more weeks!

5-11 {artsy stuff} ... haha... haven't even begun to deal with this stuff! It's a nice dream for later...

12 & 13 {jewelry holders} are currently half finished. Both need another coat of paint (or two) and hung up. More to come soon! Earring holder display can be seen here

16 - {organize crafts} done, need final post. You can see the beginning of the chaos here. There is still a little more to do as I want shelves lining an entire wall in my office (it's slanted and less than 4 feet tall, so only a few but it'll be great to have done!)

17 - {veggie garden} this was done last year and a complete joke this year. We were a tad busy. Maybe next year!

28 - {Grimm's fairy tales} I'm going to mark it done. I read the majority of them and all of the major stories that Disney turned into princess fairy tales.

38 - {making our house a home} one room completely done (minus the flooring that all needs refinished)... so it's getting closer! 

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