{Doug's Closet} Function

While my dad was busy with Lily's Room and had some down time between painting (if I can even call it that), he took on a project that has literally been years in the making... Doug's closet. Some how in the years that it's been since we tackled our upstairs remodel, Doug's closet was never finished. It had the drywall, trim, and paint but no storage. For awhile we didn't even know what he wanted in there - shelves, rods to hang up things... whatever. So Dad and I decided to tackle it while Doug was in a meeting and luckily Doug is an easy going guy and happened to like it.

Here's the room when it was used as a dumping ground after it was finished with paint and trim. I chose to keep the doors off (I hate bi-fold and that's what was there), always thinking we'd pick some curtains to use. 

A view of the height of the closet and the slanted ceiling. The weird bump out inside the closet is part of a built in shelf in my office.

The east side of the closet, used for more storage (the shelf for the built in in my office).

And now there's shelves and a rod to hang *some* of his clothes from! We bought a lamp from Lowes that only required being hung on screws and plugged in (vs. hard wiring) and so it keeps his closet super bright if needed.

My dad added a bunch of shelves to the east side wall and we picked up a bunch of containers from Target. He needs more (we weren't sure what would work).

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