{Baby Boy} 27 Weeks

How is it already August 1?! And more important, I am just one week away from my THIRD trimester! Little Man (who has still yet to be named, but we're working on it!) is weighing in a week ahead of schedule at 2 lbs., 10 oz. Everything looks great on him, which is always a sigh of relief! He is definitely looking more and more like his sister did when she was born (below his pictures is one from the day she was born, just minutes old to compare). We never had the 4D ultrasounds done with her but my friend does them now and she wanted to play, so I made a special trip to her clinic to see our little one.  

That's his right foot for those that can't tell. It does a weird cross section of the bone, so it looks like it's been chopped off. His head is on the left, his toes almost touching his forehead. 
Miss Lily, getting cleaned off after birth, May 2009. Notice their cheeks, nose and mouth are all very similar! 

As for other Baby Boy news....

We have run out of time (work starts next week since we're both teachers) and so once we move Lily into her new room soon, we will paint her current room and wait to do the remodel next year. My dad is super busy with other jobs and so we can hold off. Plus, if he's anything like Lily, we will keep him in a bassinet in our room to make nursing easier. We kept Lily in it for 5-6 months or so. 

As for the actual room, I still want to paint it navy with board and batten (following the same measurements as Lily's big girl room) but until then, I'm going to go my other favorite route for little kids' rooms and go gray. I may do stripes on one wall but for now I'm looking forward to removing the bright green that has been up for over 4 years. The furniture will be the same as Lily used since we kept it all. I will definitely add in some other accent colors, such as navy and the green rug I already purchased. I haven't bought much when it comes to nursery decor because I didn't want to store it and I wanted the room to come together over time. I did, however, buy one of the pillows from Target's FEED line that is navy, cream and a little touch of red. I hadn't planned on using red but it may be included more than the pillow. 

Little Man has a growing wardrobe already, thanks to his momma watching some sales over the past few months. Even before becoming pregnant, I had picked up a few boy clothes thinking that I could give them away or sell them if I had another girl. There's not much, but some in various sizes that were too cute to pass up.

Lily is super excited about him coming. I showed her the strip of pictures yesterday from the ultrasounds and she hugged them, saying "My Bubby!" It was enough to melt your heart.

We've been looking into other baby equipment that we need/want and have only really come up with my desire for a new stroller that has a spot for both kiddos. It may require a special car seat, but I haven't spent much time looking at it. I have 3 months and I know of someone who has the exact stroller, so I need to ask her. Other than that, we have the bed, dresser/changing table, a rocker (although I really want a leather club chair in his room!), a rug, storage shelving/containers, and so much more, like a swing and stuff. We went gender neutral on everything big to be prepared and I'm thankful we did. 

I think the family is getting excited! Doug's parents will be celebrating the birth of two grandkids this year, his sister is having a little girl. Her son and Lily are just three months apart and now her daughter and our son will be roughly 3 months apart too. My cousin had her baby a few weeks ago and we're all super excited for her as well. Doug has two close friends/coworkers that are pregnant and due within a few weeks of me, so we will be surrounded by cuteness! 

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