{Family Fun} Rugby

When I first met Doug, I knew he played rugby. We spent many nights hanging out with his old rugby team, going to bars and parties and having fun. Let me tell ya one thing - his team was full of Samoans because of our college and those boys can cook! That and they are HUGE! There was one time we were at a bar and basically the entire rugby team was there (and the bouncers and bartenders too) and then there were some random guys that weren't friends of anyone. One of those guys, who weighed maybe 140 lbs., tried to start a fight with a rugby player. He had to be so drunk that he didn't realize the bar was full of that guys' buddies and needless to say, was kicked out of the bar. Never a dull moment! 

Anyway, I mentioned earlier that Doug's team played in our old college town and it was the first game of his that I've been to in awhile. 

And yes, we had a dog named Rugby too, of course after Doug's favorite sport. I named him in hopes that it'd help Doug like him more. I'm such an awesome wife. :) 

Doug got the ball! That guy grabbing on to Doug had some serious mental issues after this play and smacked himself incredibly hard (and like 10 times in a row) when he got off the field. He never played after that, but pouted instead. 

Yep, that's my man on the ground. But he got up and wasn't hurt. He's been hurt before though. He tore his ACL in 2003 and had surgery. He's tough. 

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