{TV Room} Organization

Doug took Lily to town on Sunday, giving me some free time to myself and what better way to spend free time than organizing a room we practically live in all day long! Our TV room is a giant work in progress but this is definitely a step in the right direction. 

Here's the AFTER...

After purging a few things, cleaning the top of the desk with cleaner (it was nasty) and putting her art supplies in the white caddy, it's starting to look better. Most of the toys went into her room and the toy closet (more on that later!) but I wanted to keep some things easily accessible. The two strollers are used often, especially when in reach. The striped bin holds all of her stickers and coloring books. It hasn't been opened in awhile but maybe now it will be. The pink box is full of Legos. The little desk was an auction buy, the chair was from my grandmother's house, and the white bin is from Target. The yellow Crayola box is from Target too and holds all of her crayons. The girl loves to color! Inside the desk is more paper and her face/nail sticker books (to make her own pictures). 

And here's the BEFORE....

You can see how nasty things were... Mr. Potato Head, Play-Doh, shoes, Barbies, and so much more that needed organization. She actually doesn't play with much of this stuff so I knew it would be ok to put them in her closet and storage shelves. I hope that as she grows, I can get rid of some of the items. 

And just another view of the area to show my painting above. She likes it, Doug and I are both a little worn out by it. We've had it up for years. Maybe it'll find a new home day but for now it's the most colorful thing in an otherwise boring room.

So... this is definitely not the end of this room!

We have bought the sofa (it's huge), I've added curtains, and we have a brand new TV. But I have high hopes for this room that involve:

Ripping out the carpet and pad that is glued (inch by inch) to the hardwood floors underneath.
Refinishing the hardwood floor in a dark espresso/walnut color (still unsure exactly but it'll match whatever we do throughout the house).
Buy an area rug (once the hardwood floor is refinished).
Add additional pillows and change out the ugly ones that came with the couch.
Buy/build real storage for both kids to use.

And, the biggest things in this room...
Replace both existing windows.
Rip out walls and everything and insulate.
New drywall and paint (like in Lily's room)
Move closet from one side of room to other corner (to also change the layout slightly in Little Man's room).
Additional lighting.

Needless to say, this is just temporary but it's a step in the right direction. It'll also help keep Lily's little toys away from a baby that is due in 6 weeks! 

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