{Throwback Thursday} Yogurt Lily

Hello! Here's another Throwback Thursday post for ya! This comes from my old blog, And Baby Makes Three Humans, from just over 3 years ago. I'm slowly getting all blog posts over here so I can delete the old blogs. Call it nesting or just a part of my organizational streak I'm on, but I need random clutter to disappear. Plus, this is easy as it only involves copy and paste vs real clutter that involves physically moving. ... You do remember I'm 35 weeks pregnant, right?! Good. Now, enjoy. And happy Thursday!

I've been trying to get Lily to practice her feeding skills. Obviously, we have a long way to go... She did well with the Greek yogurt a couple weeks ago but the consistency was so much better. Today was a little messy. It was EVERYWHERE. But she's trying. She gave up on the spoon and went for the cup method.

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