{Lily's Garden} New Hydrangeas

Ahh, nesting. Where would us moms-to-be get our energy without this little end of pregnancy relief?! Agreed? Well, I took full advantage of it, gorgeous weather, and my two helpers (Doug and Lily) this past Sunday. Now that we have finished fencing in Lily's Garden (thanks to the hubs during one of my many naps!), we were left with some pretty empty spaces. And what do empty spaces mean?! Weeds. Lots of 'em.
So... needless to say, I did something about it....
I started by digging a trench (in the "before" photo, although that's not the true before shot) and placed the bricks on end. This isn't anything fancy and yes, I'll deal with weeds, but that's ok. It's been working for a few years with the other beds that we've done this to so I continued with my easy border system.
The bricks are still leftovers from when we were given all the bricks from an old house that was being remodeled (sad note: it later burnt to the ground as they were about 99% done). Anyway, we have these great bricks and thanks to my dad, we had almost enough mulch to mulch the entire thing in. But that of course, happened AFTER buying three new hydrangeas. They are one of my all time favorite flowers and we already have four others in the back of the garden. I thought that since this little area right by our house sees a lot of shade that it'll balance part of the garden out by using the same plants. The back part has two regular hydrangeas, an oak leaf (that I love), and a climbing hydrangea. The three above include two mop heads (the "regular" type in my opinion) and I believe it's called a lace head. It's gorgeous. I'll take better photos this weekend hopefully of the blooms.
What do you think? Do you like the new bed? While I was busying with this, Doug and Lily worked on a small front bed that was created after Doug demolished two large bushes and our sidewalks were put in. It's cute and fun and Lily loved helping.
The title "Lily's Garden" has been around for over 4 years and it'll stick with this area of our yard but now that we're about to have Baby Boy, what are we going to name after him!??!

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