{Christmas} Gingerbread Houses

Last year Lily and I went over to my parent's house to make cookies and we thought it'd be fun to do this year too. We both bought way too many supplies to make cookies and I found these gingerbread houses at Michaels (on sale!) that I thought Miss Lily would like. We actually ended up spending all day making them instead of the cookies. No fear though, we both ended up making enough cookies to feed an army. Or I did anyway...

Here's Miss Lily learning how to decorate! She did a great job by herself. I put the icing where she told me and she decorated it. 

My dad was home for the day. He's retired but works almost full time doing construction. It was a nice day with my parents and the kids. I'm sure they'd agree! 

Side note: Isn't their view amazing?! They own 80 acres and built their house a few years ago. It's nestled into the trees. My mom's Japanese inspired garden is below, you can see a pagoda right by my dad's right elbow. 

I bought two house kits and Lily and my dad got one and my mom and I shared the other. Below is my side of the roof. 

My mom went for the full candy effect on her side and ended up having to take off a few because it fell off at one point. You can see she wrote Lily and Nate on the side. Lily's green snowman (made from the green fondant in the kit) sits out front. Lily's is in the back. 

For 4 years old, I think Lily did a great job! I did the snow on the roof hanging down but she did the rest. 

I think we'll do it again next year and buy some more candies that may not weigh as much next year. I may start stock piling candy or just go to Mr. Bulky's candy store before hand. 

For those that don't know, I worked at a bakery throughout high school and most of college. I learned a great deal from my boss who is still working in the cake business. I left her shop knowing how to bake cakes, pies and cookies, and to decorate party and wedding cakes. I even decorated my own cake, 7+ years ago! This made me think of when we taught kids classes and made me miss the old job. Maybe some day I'll get back into it and sell cakes on the side. But my favorite may be chocolate creations but I didn't order the chocolate this year. I was a little preoccupied with Mr. Nate. Maybe next year?!

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