{Christmas} Lily's Tree

A couple years ago, I went to a local candy shop and fell in love with this bright pink and silver tree and knew it'd be perfect for Miss Lily. Over the years, Lily has picked out her own ornaments and this year was no exception! I believe her tree is FULL! And she loves it, which is all that matters. This year was the first year that I let her decorate it all herself and she went to town, adding a garland (that is shown here  not on her tree but this year she put it on there, along with her giant candy canes, snow flakes (yes, two identical orange ones are side by side) and everything else she's collected. This year we did have to buy her a new topper and she picked it out (from Hobby Lobby). 

So, I'll leave you with the pictures. Remember, a sweet little 4 year old decorated this tree by herself and I left it as is, even if I wanted to change it. She notices these things, so I let it be! 

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