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Hello and Merry Christmas! 

When you enter our home, you come directly into our living room and that's where we have our tree. We may change up the color of the lights from  year to year and add a few new ornaments, but it's where all of our ornaments go - both handmade, gifted, and the sparkly kind I can't get enough of! 

This year I didn't get out of all of my ornaments and didn't even touch a whole box of my vintage ornaments. But, I did get out a few and Doug put them into this hand carved vintage bowl of my grandmother's. Lily likes to look but is old enough to know not to touch them. Next year may be different as Nate will be 14 months at Christmas.

See that big gift in the above photo?! It's for Lily and it's driving her crazy. She has told us many times that it'll be the first gift she opens. Little does she know that she has an even bigger gift coming her way (both are from my parents). 

Speaking of gifts, don't you love how Lily addressed this? She knows words go in a line but when there's not enough room, you make due! 

Nate's handblown glass ornament my mom gave me. Isn't it adorable? One of my mercury glass ornaments is in the background.

Another Santa to add to my collection, this one given to me by my mom. She finds the best ornaments! This Santa is another handblown version with adorable painted features on both front and back. He's hanging out with my "Peace on Earth" sign that's covered in glitter. 

A creepy (but fun) snowman box (the hat comes off) next to some vintage elves. I have one little pine cone guy, my mom has several. They are hard to find but we love them! And of course, my mercury glass candle holders that pretty much live on my mantel year 'round. 

Last year I went on Etsy and picked out these stockings, not knowing that I'd need a 4th (well, kinda, but long story...) for this year. Luckily the lady was still making them so I got Nate's this year. Lily's name is embroidered in pink, of course. 

Our Dining Room: 

My dad made Lily this easel for her a couple years ago. Isn't it great? Both sides have a shelf and the other side has a roll of paper for to paint/color on. She is definitely a painter! This side features a chalk board with a message left over from a visit from Isabella, our Elf on the Shelf. She was found hanging on the top one morning, visiting our vintage Santa. 

The buffet was in my grandmother's house and although it doesn't match the rest of our living room furniture, I like it! It holds a ton of stuff, which is much better than the last buffet. I may replace the fabric on the far right side with something but the rest is in perfect condition. 

It houses more of my mercury glass obsession - trees that my mom and Doug have bought me in the past, plus a tinsel tree I made, our Advent calendar (Lily loves it) and our tree forest in the old Pepsi crate. 

The large candle was in our wedding. It was hiding downstairs so I figured I'd put it to use. You can see it's only been used once, at our wedding, over 7 years ago. An old picture of Lily in a snow globe sits next to it. I need to update it with it a pic of both Lily and Nate (it's two sided). 

Our wine cabinet decor doesn't change much but I did find this cool glittery Santa at Marshall's a month or so ago and had to have him. He reminded me of a Santa I passed up years ago at a fancy art and antique store that even on extreme, going out of business, discount was too much. This guy? He was maybe $20. He hangs out with Doug's hippo collection (there's a teeny tiny little guy right next to the tray by the big yarn hippo). The tray got a little extra sparkle with a bunch of gold mercury glass ornaments. Yes, you're supposed to take them apart but I liked them group together so they stayed that way. The large chunk of coral was a great find from our Florida trip two years ago. 

A better view of the Santa. His jacket "fabric" is made out of old street maps. 

One last view of our living room from the dining room. 

Artwork made by Lily at preschool. I love this frame that can house her creations. I bought another one for once a little guy starts his own artwork collection. 

For more of Nate's tree, click here

And our last tree in our house (but certainly not least) is Miss Lily's festive pink tree, which you can see more of it here. 

Merry Christmas! 

For those wondering..I did not include our TV room, kitchen, bathroom or our bedroom because I don't typically decorate in those rooms. I may decorate in our kitchen once it receives a major remodel but time will tell on that one (and then I'd have the space to do so). 

For more of our house, check out the Home Tour page and be sure to check out our crazy Before Photos page

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