{Throwback Thursday} Lily's 2 Months

Here's part of the post I created for Lily's two months (on our old blog that I'm currently in the process of transferring over here so I can delete it)...

So what's going on in the life of Lily at two months?

- She is watching EVERYTHING she can. Her vision is improving every day and she can see us from a distance. She also seems to be recognizing faces (especially grandparents). 
- She's turning at the sound of our voices. I love this!
- She's sleeping more at night, which I LOVE. There have been nights where she'll sleep through the whole night, ranging from 5-7 hours before waking up to nurse, and then going back to sleep for a couple hours. 
- We moved her to her own crib. She was slowly outgrowing the bassinet and it allows me to sleep a little better, as I'm not waking up at every single noise she makes. She also takes naps in her crib. She's still small in the crib, but it's a huge bed!
- She can bare weight on her feet when held to a standing position. She has started to enjoy her standing time. 
- We are working on Tummy Time and today saw the longest time she was on it before crying. She is so strong in her legs that she'll push with her feet (either on her back or tummy) and inch along. She's not a fan of using her arms yet, but she still has plenty of time!
- We're also working on sitting up. Her head control is the biggest problem with this, as it's still a little wobbly (but really good!). She sits with me on the couch some times and plays on the computer or watches TV. I think she likes the change and that she's not always laying down/propped up. 
- She makes so many noises! She definitely does more than a few at a time. It's adorable!
- She SMILES all the time! Her happiest time is in the morning, but she is such a happy baby. Even when she cries, she'll stop and try to smile. 
- Her hair is growing in and looking reddish. We can't tell if it'll be like Mommy's or a lighter strawberry blonde. But it definitely has some red in it!
- She had her first big trip this past week while we went on our family vacation to the lake. She enjoyed boating but not swimming. 
- Her nails are finally thick enough to cut with the nail clippers. This makes my job a lot easier as I used to have file or pick at the nails. 
- She can go 2 hours (or more) in between feedings. It helps when she has distractions, but 2 hours seems to be her average time. I need to work on this as next month sees me going back to work.
- She easily fits in her 3 month clothes. 0-3 works on some, but some seem to be a little small. NB is out of the question and look tiny!!
- She's still not a fan of bottles or pacifiers but has taken both on a few occasions. 
- She HATES to be wet. Dirty is fine, wet is not. She will CRY so loud and hard when she's wet. 
- Car rides are still going well, unless she's wet. 
- She still fights sleep and will cry when super tired. Some times she'll cry for a few seconds and then fall right asleep, other nights it takes a long time (just ask daddy!). 
- Her cries come for reasons (although some people think she may be colicky, we don't think so) and they come in various sounds, pitches and lengths. 
- She loves attention and loves being held, but needs her own time too. She really enjoys time on her back to stretch out and move. 
- She has fallen in love with her Grandpa J after a few naps together. He was great at getting her to go to sleep during the vacation. (But don't worry other grandparents - she loves you all!). 
- She watches me eat. She'll watch the food and then she'll watch me take it to my mouth. It's fun because I know that means one step closer to eating her own food (and maybe a little less dependency on mom). 
- She's starting to notice her feet. She hasn't grabbed for them yet or seemed that interested, but she'll look at them some.

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