{Throwback Thursday} Lily's 3 Months

As we just past the 3 month mark for Mr. Nate, I thought I'd share these from when Lily was 3 months. There are definitely some similarities, but a bunch of differences too. I think the biggest differences are Nate's crazy long hair and their face shape. Lily had a round face, full of cheeks and Nate has a longer face with his pointy chin. Lily's eyebrows are darker (as in noticeable!). 

Both of my babies know how to make some awkward faces for photos. Luckily Lily has outgrown it (with the exception of "funny faces").

And here's what I wrote...
This month has seen:
- the intro to a babysitter. It's going well, which makes me VERY happy!
- bottles. Although we don't use them at home, she is getting used to them at the sitter. We are using a Playtex Vent Air bottle that has a nice, 45 degree angle, which helps her. She sucks so hard with regular bottles that she has trouble getting milk, which upsets her. 
- Although she can still fit in size 1 diapers, we have started to buy size 2 for the sitter. Weight wise, she'd be in size 2 but she's skinny, so she can fit size 1.
- She has started using a pacifier. 
- She continues to sleep well (except this past week due to the change of everything), averaging 5-6 hours a night of straight sleep.
- She wore her first pair of shoes - pink gellies!
- She loves to smile!
- She's beginning to laugh. We've heard a few chuckles out her and it's the greatest sound.
- She is talking, A LOT! I love it!!! She is so expressive and just lights up when she talks.
- She's an excellent at making raspberries.
- She has great head control, almost to the point that there's no question she'll be able to do it.
- She loves to sit up on people's laps. She's starting to be able to do it on her own, but is a little wobbly.
- She can put all of her weight on her legs when held. She really loves this.
- She hit a new note while talking - a very high pitch squeal. Not a bad scream, just happy. It's adorable.
- She holds her head well while on her belly. We need to work on this, but she's doing great!
- She loves to move. She can get a little overwhelmed when held all day long by a lot of people, but loves to lay down and move her arms and legs. 
- She's finding her body parts very interesting. Her feet and toes are her favorites.
- She's started sucking her thumb. But not really sucking like you'd think - she really likes to put it in her mouth, make a sucking sound, and then play with her gums

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