{Nate the Great} 4 Months

At 4 months, Nate is hitting all of his milestones and then some. He is the happiest little guy and except for the drooling (never ending, as you can tell from his red cheeks and chin), he has no problems. The little spot on his nose, per the doctor, should clear up by 2. It hasn't gotten bigger so I'm hoping it'll fade away soon. Speaking of the doctor, she said he was perfect and that he's now 18 pounds, doubling his birth weight. He's in the 85-90% for his height and weight and his head is around 100%. He's a little smaller than Lily was at this age but that's ok! 

I love the picture here because he's smiling at Lily. He LOVES her and yes, that deserves the all caps. She can get him to smile and laugh quicker than anyone else. It's great. 

You'll notice the giant text in the corner of the pic.. and yes, I purposely put it slightly over his head. For family members that want a copy of the picture, let me know. I did this due to not wanting people stealing my kids' photos (a fear I have). This blog isn't famous and maybe 10 people read it, but you never know! However, I do want to post and share so people know what's going on and so I'll still do some things... 

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  1. it looks like a face full of sheer elation. such a cutie!


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