{Boy vs. Girl} 4 months

Nate is winning in the hair department! 

At 4 months old..
Both have tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes (as Lily is showing off) and other baby foods.
Lily was the better sleeper, Nate is the better eater.
Both are big (18 lbs).
Both have blue eyes, the doctor told us Nate will be keeping his. Nate's are darker.
Lily has Doug's face shape (rounder), Nate has mine (longer).
Nate has bigger ears (they look giant here!), Lily has Doug's ears.
Very similar noses, Nate's looks wider.
Nate is in 6 month clothing (can even go up to 9 months). I'm thinking Lily was the same.
Nate rolled over front to back and back to front this weekend. I think Lily could do it too.
Both are able to push up on their hands.
Both love being hold and walked around the house.

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