{Lily's Garden} June Update

It's not often that I use my nice camera to take photos of my garden, I usually just use my iphone and post them to Instagram (follow me at @thebrickbungalow). Anywho... I took some photos and finally got them on my computer. 

Below is the oak leaf hydrangea I planted a couple years ago. Behind it, towards the window, is the climbing hydrangea that will eventually (hopefully) fill up the wire trellis that we installed last year. It's doing great so far! In the bottom right is a hosta. The bottom left and mid left are lilies, and behind the oak leaf are two more regular hydrangeas. 

The sunflowers are all from the bird seed and I let them go. The birds are now enjoying them as food! 

The back of a sunflower can be just as interesting, if not more so, than the front. I'm thinking this would make a great painting! 

My allium (flowering onion?). It's not as big as I want, I want the giant versions, but they are a fun change this year. 

And a few coneflowers. I started adding them in last year and now have red, purplish pink, coral, pink, yellow, white and an orangish color. I'm starting to spread them throughout the garden and hopefully will split a few more this fall. 

The Asiatic Lilies are almost all done blooming and the daylilies have started. Everything else is doing great and I've only lost one plant so far (it was a new one that was questionable anyway). 
I thought I was done making beds after finishing off the last two corners and fronts near the sidewalk but I found a place for one more... so stay tuned as I finish it up! 
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