{Deck} Container Gardens

I love the outdoors and now that we have our new deck, going outside couldn't be any easier. OK, so it wasn't hard to begin with seeing as we have a great covered porch on the front of our house and a large patio on the back.. but you get what I mean. We built the deck last summer and this summer, I wanted to add some plants. I figured that if I were to spend any amount of time outside, I'd need something to scare away the mosquitos because my dream of them all dying hasn't happened. Yet. 

So, in comes Pinterest to the rescue to tell me what type of plants help keep mosquitos away. Basically, the majority of herbs with strong smells... Cilantro, basil, mint, rosemary, and more. I planted them in containers made to sit on the deck railings. We had two already from our strawberries (that produced about 2 berries) and so I added four more. I also added marigolds and some petunias for color. 

Below left is a pineapple sage that smells like pineapples!

In the last two photos you can see our "kids area"... aka our swing set, slide, and giant trampoline (that we got for free!). The second to last photo shows our sad little shed that desperately needs a makeover. It'll get one, this fall hopefully, in time for its new purpose in life next spring... half chicken coop, half storage. Now, Doug will just have to find the snake and kill it because he said he saw one and I don't do snakes in my yard. And speaking of the kids' area too, we have more plans for that may start this fall in preparation for Nate's first birthday! 

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