{Missouri} Part 2 - Fantastic Caverns

Our second day of vacation started with the Holiday Inn's breakfast, which always provides a nice variety especially for kids! After that we decided to go to Fantastic Caverns, a great little area not too far from Springfield. 

Below are the 13 names of the First Explorers, all women. Pretty cool! 

After awhile in the cave, my camera fogged up… on the inside… so pictures became all blurry, similar to the one above but even more so. Luckily I got a few decent ones! 

When we left, we stopped by Lambert's Restaurant, home of the "throwed rolls"… even Lily caught one!! 

Next… Part 3, Branson! If you didn't check out the creepy photos from Part 1 - Pythian Castle and Springfield, you'll want to check those out too. 

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