{Missouri} Part 3 - Branson

Welcome! This is the final post of our trip to Springfield and Branson. Part 1 covered the Pythian Castle and Springfield, Part 2 covered the Fantastic Caverns and Lambert's Restaurant, and now to Part 3 - Branson!

Now, speaking of Branson, we aren't a family that goes during their prime visiting time to watch the shows, go to Silver Dollar City, and the like. We did, as a family of four back in the day, go to SDC but I was so small and young that I almost fell out of the water ride when the water came on me. That's small! And also the only other time I've been to Branson, other than driving through it once or twice to go to Arkansas. 

My mom found a hotel that included an indoor water park, called Castle Rock. Lily is a HUGE fan of water… ocean, lakes, pools… so we knew that even though we weren't at the beach, she'd be happy. And boy, was she! 

Even Nate enjoyed it!!! 

Our first full day at Branson also saw a visit to The Butterfly Palace. It is worth the time to go! It'll only take a couple of hours to see the whole thing, if that, and that's if you spend time taking photos of the butterflies. They release newly hatched butterflies twice a day (I think) and it's fun. Lily absolutely freaked out (in a bad way) when they tried to land on her, so she wasn't a fan. However, she did enjoy the lizards, frogs, and other attractions. 

 We ate some delicious food, some mediocre food, and enjoyed our little getaway. Next year we're thinking of Florida again, so let us know if you have any good beaches! Nate will be 2, so he'll be a little bit easier (although I say that lightly as I doubt Nate and easy will ever go together), but it'll be a fun time to take him to the beach. And Lily will be over the moon to go to the beach again! 

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