{Garden} Butterfly Bush

So until a couple of days ago, I thought our miniature butterfly bush was dead. Luckily, on the day I was going to rip it out, I checked under some dead leaves and mulch and much to my surprise, it had growth on it!!

Now I don't need to worry about replacing it and can dream of the day it looks like the below picture again!

Are you working in your garden? Do you have a garden?

Now that Lily's Garden is pretty much done, minus a few tweaks, I'll be moving onto our backyard finally. It's a hot mess of a semi-removed tree (all but the stump), a bunch of weeds, some grass, dog paths and holes bigger than me thanks to a 100 pound dog who wants to dig to China. 

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  1. i cut my butterfly bush back...i pretty much wing it, and mine was definitely not cut back as yours. the mini one is so cute!


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