Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a nice Easter! 

Lily and I were off work/school Thursday, Friday and today. She's been hanging out with her friends at daycare (Nate too) so I've had some time off around the house. Thursday and Friday were a mix of relaxing, working, shopping and getting ready for Easter. Luckily I finished our taxes too so that's nice! 

As for Easter, we had a great family lunch with my parents, Doug's parents, and my aunt and uncle. The littles (just my two) got some presents and had a small egg hunt in our Lily's Garden. My parents gave Nate a water table (which will definitely be put to use by both kiddos!) and Lily got Ariel's undersea castle from Legos. She loves the Disney Princess Lego castles and has almost all of their sets. 

Family - there are more photos on Facebook if you haven't seen them already. 

I didn't get much done on house jobs as I'd like due to some crummy weather, but I did get a few new plants purchased and planted. Nothing major, but some pot fillers basically and one white Bleeding Heart. I just love them!! More plants will be purchased next month before Lily's birthday. There's one spot (to the right behind Nate in the photo) that I always plant Gerbera Daisies. I'll probably do that again this year as Lily likes to pick out some colors. A few pots need some color too as I moved a few around. Luckily we get off a week or so before her actual birthday, giving me time to get the garden looking good!! 

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